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About Us

Protecting The World’s Blue, Green, and Gray in All That Matters

The Okavango Foundation was started by the Keefe family, driven by the mission to restore and protect the health of the planet, including the animals and humans who call this world home. Each year, our foundation provides donations to nonprofits and organizations that further our mission. 

Blue Initiative

Ocean & Waterway Conservation

An urgent mission to safeguard our oceans and waterways, the beating heart of Earth’s ecosystems. From pristine streams to vast oceans, our commitment goes beyond preservation—it’s about revitalization.


Wildlife & Animal Protection

Every species, whether mighty or minuscule, plays a role in the tapestry of life. We’re not just protectors; we’re advocates for creatures that are unable to advocate for themselves.


Mental Health Advancements

Recognizing that humanity’s place in the world is deeply intertwined with our mental well-being, we support research that aims to reduce human suffering due to mental illness.

By The Numbers

What we’re up against

1 Billion People

get sick from polluted water each year

240 Acres of Land per Hr

the rate at which wildlife habitats are being destroyed

1 in 8 People

suffer from a mental health disorder

Our Committments

Learn more about the types of organizations & research we support

Research & Restoration

We fund groundbreaking research that identifies mechanisms to restore our natural processors, returning them to their original, untarnished splendor.

Protection & Conservation 

Significant contributions are directed towards shelters, sanctuaries, and programs dedicated to the defense and welfare of animals.

Mental Health Research

We support research that investigates the causes of severe mental illness and aims to find new, effective treatments.

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